A digital economy ministry may be established in Belarus. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko made the statement as he answered questions of young artistes in the Belarusian State Youth Theater on 20 March, BelTA has learned.

Alexander Lukashenko said that he was getting proposals to set up a digital economy ministry. “Most likely, I will back this decision,” he noted. Alexander Lukashenko described the development of the Digital Economy Development Ordinance as an example of the creative approach to his work.

Belarus was the first country to run risks and make serious decisions to develop information technologies and digital economy. The head of state underlined that after a short period of time it was obvious that the decision was spot-on, that future belongs to it. “Politicians should always have an element of creative risk,” believes Alexander Lukashenko.

The president pointed out that profits of the Hi-Tech Park alone exceeded $1 billion in 2017. “When I was creating this park, I thought it would be some toy and nothing much would come out of it. But they have created billions of U.S. dollars worth of products over the course of ten years. Great job! Now companies from all over the world come here,” said the head of state.

source: http://eng.belta.by/president/view/belarus-president-mentions-creation-of-digital-economy-ministry-as-possibility-110143-2018/

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